My 4 Hour Morning Routine

What I do every morning and why

You read that right. My morning routine lasts 4 solid hours, sometimes longer.

Why does it take so long and what could I possibly be doing, you ask?

Simply put, there is a lot I need to do to ground myself and set myself up a successful day.

This is what I do every morning:

It adds up to just under 4 hours.

Here is the purpose of each habit in my morning routine:

  • Make my bed: To have a clean bed to go to sleep in at night
  • Check my weight: Keep an eye on my weight to ensure I am eating enough, staying healthy, and tracking fitness progress
  • Drink water: Rehydrate my body
  • Log my time: Correct my Smarter Time timeline so my time tracking is accurate
  • Write in my journal: ‘Journal’ my Remente daily goals to keep track of them and give myself an early win for the day
  • Meditate: Relax, open my mind, and practice awareness
  • Coffee: Kickstart my mind for the day
  • Think about my purpose: Remind myself of the ‘why’ that is fueling my work and stay aligned with my purpose
  • Deep work: Accomplish 30 minutes of deep, uninterrupted work for the day
  • Eat a great breakfast: Nourish my body and give it fuel
  • Take vitamins: Stay healthy
  • Exercise: Improve my body
  • Shower: Freshen myself and be comfortable
  • Groom myself: Take care of my appearance

The sequence of habits is just as important as the habits themselves, and I designed it with careful intention.

I check my weight before drinking water to get a consistent measurement.

I meditate before drinking coffee to be more relaxed during the session.

I think about my purpose right before doing my deep work to prime my session.

Sometimes my morning routine will end up being more than 4 hours because I will keep going with my deep work for more than 30 minutes if I am in a state of flow.

It seems like a lot.

But by the end, I have worked out, accomplished 30 minutes of deep work, and meditated; I have nourished my body, mind, and spirit — all by 9 a.m.

It is somewhat of a paradox that I wake up earlier than most people, yet start working later.

But it is a paradox I am happy living with.

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