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I did not start living until 25. At 23, I had a stark wake-up call which completely changed my life path.

Prior to then, I had no idea who I was, what I wanted to do, or what I was passionate about. I didn’t truly know myself.

It wasn’t until I decided to leave school and forge my own path that I started developing my identity, discovering personal truths, and living a purposeful life.

Above all, I began understanding myself at a much deeper level.

I started writing…

At 23, I had a stark wake-up call which completely changed my life path

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Hi friends 👋🏼

I have been wanting to start writing for awhile, and I finally feel like I have an interesting story to tell- the story of why I did not start living until 25.

Two years ago, I thought I was on the path to success; after all, it looked great on paper, and people who knew me seemed to think I was on a successful path too.

It is pretty wild how one moment can completely change your life.

In one instance, I felt something in my life was terribly misaligned and I needed to make a drastic…

A company introduction and a reflection on my journey

October 2018 — October 2019: Nearly 3 years ago, I struggled and wanted to give up.

How I give my fullest gifts to the world by living my purpose

You may have found your purpose, but are you truly owning it?

I have found knowing my purpose is not enough; if I want to give my fullest gifts to the world, I have to live my purpose fully.

Giving my Greatest Gifts to the World

When I lost my purpose, I was unhappy. As a result, I was not giving my fullest gifts to the world. A lot of my potential was left unused.

When I’m living my purpose, whether that’s through building startups, writing, or storytelling, I can fully share my gifts…

How I got closer to my true purpose

How close are you to your true purpose?

I lost my purpose; but it ended up being a good thing, because I discovered a new purpose that was closer to my true purpose.

Something Was Missing…

I was ecstatic when I was living my purpose, building an app to help people connect. I thought it was my true purpose. But as I continued to work on it, I discovered one of the core elements, being able to see the value of connecting people, wasn’t really there from building the app. …

I lost my purpose and it crushed me

Have you ever felt like you lost your purpose and lost all motivation in your life?

I lost my purpose in the beginning of 2020 and it shattered me.

Feeling Crushed

If you read the first article in this series, you know that I discovered my purpose was to build an app to help people connect.

I was working on building the app and launching a startup with it. Everything was going great. I joined my local co-working space, enrolled in a startup incubator program, and was building the app and the startup. Above…

How I discovered my purpose after dropping out of college with no plan

Photo by Smart on Unsplash

Do you know your purpose in life? I mean, really, truly know your purpose — your heart’s deepest desire?

I discovered my initial purpose by chance at age 25, after I dropped out of college and forged my own path.

Before I tell you how I discovered my purpose, let me tell you what lead me there.


Prior to discovering my purpose, I was convinced the traditional school-to-work path was the way to go.

I never thought too hard about it; I did not consider alternatives. …

How to implement a Medium RSS feed in Flutter


I decided to experiment with Medium’s RSS feed, because it would make creating an MVP for a Flutter app I am working on effortless. Additionally, if Medium’s RSS feed changes to allow all articles to be accessed, I will know how to implement it.

At the moment, this approach is really only useful for Medium user profiles and publications which have less than 10 posts and do not post comments on Medium.

If you have just a few articles you need to pull from Medium into a Flutter app, such as…

What I do every morning and why

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

You read that right. My morning routine lasts 4 solid hours, sometimes longer.

Why does it take so long and what could I possibly be doing, you ask?

Simply put, there is a lot I need to do to ground myself and set myself up a successful day.

This is what I do every morning:

My personal 2020 reflections

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

📌 My 2020 Word of the Year: Proactive

🎯 My 2020 Yearly Goals:

  • Build and launch the app I am working on: ❌
  • Become financially independent from my entrepreneurial ventures (i.e., writing, programming client work, startup ventures) ❌
  • Eliminate my caffeine dependence ❌

2020 has been a tumultuous year for me, full of struggle, frustration, accomplishment, and personal growth.

Did I accomplish my yearly goals? Nope. And that’s okay.

I ended up accomplishing other achievements I had not remotely imagined. …

Ashton Jones

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